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I often have career discussions with entrepreneurs – both young and more mature – whether they should join company “X” or not. I usually pull the old trick of answering a question with a question. My reply is usually, “is it time for you to earn or to learn?” via Is it Time for You to Earn or to Learn? - @msuster Posted in Uncategorized Tagged: career ... (more)

Cloud App Store Hype

With the rise of virtual appliances as a software delivery and deployment model, people are beginning to talk about the idea of cloud computing app stores (a la iTunes) where admins can find virtual appliances and then easily deploy them onto a cloud or a server in their data center. Although this idea sounds cool (”Hey, I can search for apps like I’d search for songs on iTunes and then deploy them almost instantly!”), I’m not convinced it is something that is going to create a dramatic market shift within the enterprise. Why not? First let’s think about why customers would be i... (more)

Insightful Comment on the VC Hiring ‘Funnel’

So true…the original post by @cdixon is also great… msuster wrote: Chris, I’m so glad you wrote this. Everybody asks the question and now I’ll just send them the link ;-) We recently hired an associated. I got > 700 resumes and I didn’t even post that widely. 65 of them were of unreal quality in terms of education and job experience. Undergrad: Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Princeton, Yale & MBA: Harvard, Stanford, Wharton. Many had near perfect SATs and GMATs. Many worked for Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, McKinsey or had worked in P/E or VC before. It was UNREAL. Not that you n... (more)

Enterprise Cloud Computing: Understanding the Costs

John Gannon's Blog Although cloud computing provides financial benefits like reduction of CAPEX and the ability to pay-as-you-go, organizations will still need a reasonable amount of granularity in the reporting of cloud usage and the ability to map that usage into a financial chargeback model that makes sense. Amazon has gone live with Windows support in the EC2 cloud while at the same time announcing a private beta for some new scaling and load balancing features. These features will certainly be useful for the smaller customers of EC2, but my guess is that those features were ... (more)

Can Cisco Own the Cloud Computing Infrastructure?

John Gannon's Blog Cisco is getting into the server business, says   One could argue that the writing was on the wall when Cisco announced their Nexus virtual switch platform complete with deep VMware networking integration, but now there are few doubts that Cisco has clear designs on owning a huge portion of the cloud computing market. It is important to note that Cisco is not going to be getting into the box business (a commodity business with low gross margins).  They are going to leverage their current architecture to build blade systems.  These blades are bound... (more)